The perfect scope (for a pseudo long range rifle)


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Jul 20, 2003
Christchurch New Zealand
This may seem a off topic question but I am looking for a scope for a 44Magnum chucking 300gn WFN cast bullets at 1030 fps. I know this is not a long range rifle, but the amount of holdover required is similar to a high powered rifle out to extreme ranges. I like the look of the Burris 3-12X32 compact but with a Ballistic plex reticle the dots if I calculated correctly will give the following holdovers: 1st 0.38 mils, 2nd 1.14 mils, 3rd 1.89 mils, 4th 2.8 mils. From a 70 metre zero this will give me a max range of 135 metres.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

I want good light gathering?

Power range 3-12, 4.5-14 would be nice.
Mildot reticle or even better a scope with the reticle in the top third of the image and 10 mils of holdover.

Weight 16-24 oz's.

So what's the perfect scope?
Use's are Goats and Pigs and practice on Rabbit's since they are much more plentiful.
Rifle is a integrally suppressed Ruger 77/44.
I'm just throwing this out for consideration.
I know a guy in New Zealand who is really serious about hunting rabbits with his 1022.He says he gets first shot hits out to 190yds. He uses a Leupold mil dot with a 50mil objective.He says the mil dot hold-overs are almost magical.
In my opinion,his application is almost the same as yours.
Your application is also similar to mine, I would say get a shepherd,but I think your bullets are a bit too slow for the holdovers.
Good luck.
You could consider the relatively new HORUS scope, it has by far the most holdover capability as it uses a somewhat complex grid that is very fine. They are set-up as you suggested, the crosshair intersection is above the centerline of the field of view.
I have been shooting them for years and they are superb for holdovers and holdoff for wind.
Most people think that the reticle pattern is too busy, takes a while to get used to it. In reality the pattern is a ranging system that is too complicated for my use, I simply shoot using holdover lines that I have tested beforehand and have on a chart.
Right now I am shooting it on a very accurate heavy barreled .22 semi-auto out to 300 yards and it is very good.
HORUS has a website, or just do a search.
Hi Frank 4570 unless there are two of us, that person in New Zealand is also me. 190yds sounds a little far but I certainly get 1st shot stops out to 170yds.Longest lased shot to date was 220yds took seven rounds win sub mainly to dope the 20+mph wind. The 4.5-14x50 is a little big for the 44.
By the way it is not quite a 10/22, it is my frankenstein based on a AMT custom shop, suppressed with a dedicated subsonic bolt.

best mildot bang for the buck scope on the market today is the Bushnell Elite 3200 10X. Will do everything you want for under $200 US. Very nice scope, great turrents and lots of internal adjustments.

Another option are the Russian scopes through Kalinka Optics. Etched glass reticles will holdovers. Mostly low powers but very well priced, good optics and so far quite a dependable scope. Also, good bang for the buck.

I would stay away from the BSA products until more positive reports come out. The Tasco varmint mildots may not be too bad and now backed by Bushnell.

I will second the recommendation for the Bushnell 3200 Tactical. A fellow I know just used one in Africa, dropped it nasty and gouged the windage turret on a rock, scope was still zeroed and works perfectly. He has shot it quite a lot on his.300 Win. and it is good. He shot a group that went just a hair over .4" the other day with that little scope, this was with Black Hills Match 190 grain ammo through the .300 Win. mag.

I will also swing in behind the Bushnell 3200 10x40. Mine has 80.25 MOA of elevation adjustment and the mildots alone.

The 5 Mildots alone should get you out to 150 yards, and a useable 40 MOA of up will get you to 270 yards.

Use all 40 MOA and then the 5 mildots on top of that and then you can reach 350 yards.

Yeah I know I'm getting rediculas but hell why not...

.... Shim your scope so that you can use all 80 MOA and 10 Mildots, that gives you 114 MOA (how much does a MK4 have??) which should get you 500 yards off a 40 yard zero with subsonics.

Yeah I got my ballistics program up, but what the hell.

Yeah, get the Bushnell 3200.


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