The new toy has arrived

tx hunter

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Nov 2, 2008
east texas
well did not work back to the drawing board

Thank you for that.

Well it is a Rem 700 action that has been worked. As you can tell an AI stock. Night Force 5.5x22x50 NPRR1 scope. Caliber is 300 WSM, bbl 26" krieger SS match chambered with a brake. Only done alittle barrel break in so far but I believe this one is going to be a shooter. Getting .75-1" groups with no load developement(just loaded some rounds while waiting for break in and fireforming brass). It has a shilen match adjustable trigger set at 2lbs. Versa pod with adapter on the way. USO anti-cant, night force ADI in the works. The rifle was built by Tactical Rifles in Florida.

By the way I got your check yesterday. Thanks

How are you liking your new trimmer. Hope it is working out for ya.


Here are a couple more from the range. Will have to remember to take some photos of the target next time out.
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That trimmer is great!! I don't know how I lived w/o it! I'm pretty sure you're gonna feel the same way about that rig after you break it in and get doin some real playin!
Awesome looking rig!!!
Keep us posted with your shooting results after your develop a load for it.
Looking forward on owning a AI rifle in the future.
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