The new Ti Pro line of muzzle brakes are available now!


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Feb 16, 2017
North Idaho
Well it is a few weeks later than we had planned but we finally have our new line of ultralight muzzle brakes available!

The Ti Pro line of brakes have been designed for maximum recoil reduction, while coming in at less weight than our competitors. These brakes come with wrench flats, and can be turned and tapered to your barrel. They come bored for .338, .308, or .284 and smaller.

We have 3 sizes available, .760”, .860”, and .990”. The 760 and 860 are 4 ports and the 990 is a 5 port. The 760 and 860 are 2.25” OAL, and the 990 is 2.75” OAL.

Current thread options are:
760- 1/2-28, 9/16-24, and 5/8-24.
860- 5/8-24, 9/16-24
990- 5/8-24, 3/4-24

The brakes come bored for 7mm and smaller caliber, .308, or .338.

Please inquire about bores or thread options not available or thread sizes not listed.

Approx. weights are 2.2oz for the 990, 1.4oz for the 860, and 1.1 oz for the 760 series. (Weights are dependent on thru bore and thread sizing)

Here is the link for purchasing.

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