The New Dead On Accurate (DOA) Reticle from Bushnell

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  1. gr8fuldoug

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    Dec 3, 2007
    The New Dead On Accurate (DOA) Reticle from Bushnell
    Unleashed: the world’s most lethal long-range reticle and field-judging device in one.
    Dramatically stretch your effective range and judge a buck’s trophy quality in record time. Extended yardage aiming points enable you to shoot with lethal precision out to 600 yards with a rifle (DOA 600) and 250 yards with a muzzleloader (DOA 250).
    Both have Rack Bracket reference lines for sizing up whitetail and mule deer antlers.
    It all adds up to a whole new level of drop-dead certainty and fewer excuses at the moment of truth.
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    Sep 18, 2008
    Post a picture of the reticle it sounds pretty cool
  3. gr8fuldoug

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    Dec 3, 2007
    What I posted is all the info that I received from my sales rep this morning. No image, no which scope info, no release date.
    These Pre-SHOT Show info e-mails are limited in info, but has enough to insure that I make time for my sales rep.
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  4. gr8fuldoug

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    Dec 3, 2007
    More Info From Bushnell:

    The DOA reticle gives hunters a series of aiming points that correspond to various black powder and centerfire loads.
    These aiming points, combined with our innovative Rack Bracket, allows hunters to expand their effective range
    while also aiding in field judging whitetail or mule deer at extended distances. Bushnell would like to stress
    that these tools are only as good as the time spent practicing with them. Nothing can replace
    quality firing range time and becoming comfortable shooting at each of the prescribed yardages, while noting bullet
    placement. It is imperative for the hunter to spend time at the range, gaining familiarity with the reticle and how
    it works with their firearm and bullet load. Ballistic performance can vary depending upon a number of factors,
    including barrel length, powder type, bullet type, and numerous weather/atmosphere related variables.
    THE DOA 250 RETICLE – For Muzzleloaders
    Scopes with the DOA 250 are designed to be sighted-in at 100 yds, with aiming points every 50 yds, out to 250
    yds. The top of the reticle’s bottom post represent approximately 300 yds. The shooter can use either .45 or .50
    cal ammunition, and either 100 grains or 150 grains of Triple 7 pellets. The ballistic chart provided below is an
    abbreviated version of the more complete one available online at: Bushnell Outdoor Products

    The scope must also be set to the proper magnification for the reticle’s ballistic feature to function properly. In the
    case of a 3-9x 40mm scope, the power change ring must be set at 9x for the ballistic function and Rack Bracket
    to work correctly.

    How To Use the Reticle:
    1. Sight in at 100 yds on any magnification setting
    2. Determine distance to target. For the best accuracy in determining distance, utilize a Laser
    3. Set the scope’s magnification to 9x (9 power).
    4. Place the appropriate aiming point on the desired target. If the target was determined to be at 175 yds,
    hold directly between the 150 yd aiming point and the 200 yd aiming point.
    THE DOA 600 RETICLE – For Centerfire Rifles
    Designed to be used with today’s most popular centerfire rifle cartridges, the DOA 600 reticle is intended to be
    sighted in at 100 yards, and provides aiming points at every 100 yd increment, out to 600 yds. The user can
    sight-in at 100 yds on any magnification setting, but for the ballistic reticle feature to function properly, the scope’s
    magnification must be set to the correct power. The correct settings for the scopes that include the DOA reticle are
    as follows:
    If your scope is a:
    Use this power setting:

    How To Use the Reticle:
    1. Sight in at 100 yds on any magnification setting
    2. Determine distance to target. For the best accuracy in determining distance, utilize a Bushnell
    Laser Rangefinder (Scout 1000 ARC, Legend 1200 ARC).
    3. Set the magnification to the appropriate setting.
    4. Place appropriate aiming point on the desired target. If the target is determined to be at 350 yds,
    hold directly between the 300 yd aiming point and the 400 yd aiming point
    The DOA 600 reticle will work with any of the following ammunition loads:
    .223 Win 55 gr
    .243 Win, 95 gr.
    . 25-06 Rem 115 gr
    .270 Win, 130 gr.
    . 270 WSM, 150 gr.
    .7mm Rem Mag, 150 gr.
    This is only a partial list of the ammunition that the reticle is ballistically matched to. For a complete list of all
    ammunition compatible with the DOA 600 reticle technology, please visit:
    Bushnell Outdoor Products

    In an effort to help hunters, Bushnell looked at issues that had confronted many of them in the field. Field judging
    deer, especially via magnified view, can be exceedingly difficult. To help with the field judging of whitetails and
    mule deer we have incorporated a series of lines that extend out from each aiming point. Each lines measures
    24 inches at the respective distance. There will also be two “hash marks” on each line that measure 17 inches
    between them. Why did we choose 24” and 17”? After extensive research it was determined that 24 inches represents
    the average width of a mule deer’s ears and 17 inches was the average width of a whitetail’s ears. Given
    proper time to judge an animal, a hunter can now get an estimate of rack width, and possibly even tine length.
    Rack Bracket estimations are for reference only and may not be exact. Make note that it is the sole responsibility of
    the hunter to make the final determination on any animal they decide to harvest. Please refer to your local
    and/or state regulations regarding antler width standards for harvested animals. It is the
    hunters responsibility to be knowledgeable of and abide by all game regulations.
    The Rack Bracket System
    Size him up and put him down with the Rack Bracket.
    Based on scope set at highest
    power. For example, a 3-9x
    scope would need to be at
    9x for Rack Bracket accuracy.
    24" – All extended yardage
    crosshairs measure 24," the
    tip-to-tip distance between
    an average mule deer’s ears.
    Judgement – Use the 24" and
    17" measurements to gauge the
    buck’s width. If the ears fit,
    you have an accurate
    estimation of range.
    17" – The hash marks on each
    extended-yardage crosshair
    indicate the distance between
    an average whitetail’s ears.
    1. Determine the distance to a whitetail or mule deer. For the most accurate distance measurement,
    use a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder (for best results, a model with angle range compensation (ARC)
    is recommended- for example, the Scout 1000 ARC, Legend 1200 ARC, etc).
    2. Turn the scope’s power ring to the appropriate position.
    3. If the distance matches one of the prescribed aiming points you can utilize the Rack Bracket to
    gauge antler width.
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    Nov 14, 2007

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    Dec 20, 2008

    Cabelas had a better one earlier this AM.


    Scanned from Cabelas catalog.

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    Jul 20, 2007
    The new 6500's have the tactical turrets as well.
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    Feb 17, 2005
    Bushnell and others need to update their websites asap, I'm Not a patient man

    That or we need members form here that are attending the shot show to post updates more often :)