The luck....of the Hit Man

WV Hitman

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Aug 16, 2020
eastern WV
I've been a fairly lucky hunter most of my career, like getting my leopard on just the second day of blind sitting.
I have this friend that has an enormous farm with corn planted everywhere. One corn field is beside a very large mountain where many bears live. They come off the mountain, cross a river, then a small dirt road, then enter the corn field. I set up a blind that is 150-250 yards from where the bears usually cross.
I always bring a book or magazines to read. I start each year at 3 PM. I read a few paragraphs then look around. The last 11 years I got 6 bears this way. My go-to handgun is usually a SSK .375/.284 XP with 260 gr. Nos. ABs. Two years I used a SSK .325 XP with 200 gr. ABs. Got a bear each year with it, one 6'2", 350#. Both ran 50-75 yds. I stick with the .375 now. None have run more than 25 yds. Most drop.
This year was no different. Got there at 3 PM. Set up the blind & got my book. This has been very boring at times since the bears come out 6:30 or later. 85*, so I was sweating some.
At 4:10 I looked up & here was there coming out of the corn, not going in! I ranged it at 156 yds. Put the crosshair of the 3-12 Burris Bplex on the shoulder. Knocked it down at the shot, but it got back up, headed into the corn & knocked several stalks down. Normally, there's little blood, but this time the ground was painted red. At 25 yards was this really nice, BIG, bear. I estimated 275-300#. Tried to turn it over for pics. Couldn't budge it! Went to find help. Couldn't find a person to help this old codger!
I went back & started . Took a pic of the bear, but couldn't get stuff set up in the corn to get me with the bear-thick corn, old legs, new metal knee. It took me 2 3/3 hours to get the job done!! I was wiped out, sweating, dehydrated, but man, it felt good.
The AB hit dead center the right shoulder, exited 4" behind the left shoulder. Internal damage was 4" of masserated meat, broken shoulder, blood shot lungs. That's why I use this combo. I shot 45 of 62 crop damage deer with this combo this summer. One ran 10 yds. The others dropped so I didn't have to chase them! (too old for that crap). That was out to 354 yards.
That's 7 bears last 12 years!!
I guess I'm older than the hills, but it looks like I'm one lucky Hit Man!