The importance of camouflage(please comment):

Martin Almeida

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Feb 20, 2010
Porto Alegre - Brazil
Hey everyone,
Sorry for my bad grammar, I'm Brazilian, and when I was writing the text , may have do something wrong.
Since thousands of years, the camouflage have effects on the hunting results,in the wildness, where the best hunter survives, all factors must be taken into account .. But how something insignificant like camouflage may be important? Simple, blending yourself into the environment, it becomes difficult to understand yours activities.You limit the other to see you, you hide from world your own image, preventing him from knowing who you are ...
For example, when you are hunting dogs, you just need to use a green uniform,it impede the dogs vision about you.Many people think the dogs only see in black and white, it's wrong, the dogs see three colors besides black and white: violet, blue and green.But many scientist say, if the dog is in a brigth environment he can not distinguish green from yellow and red, so just using a green uniform in a sunny day you can prevent the dog to locate you through your clothing, he can not distinguish it from the rest of nature.
Another fantastic example that Mother Nature offers us is of the lizards,who also use the color according to the environment, using stealth techniques also exceptional. Lizards can hunt without being seen,they limit their movements to reduce the noise, and are always looking around.When I as kid,lizards ate all the eggs from the chicken roost of my grandfather without being noticed, hours later we found only broken shells on the floor and the remains of the eggs. They have a skin color according to their natural habitat, making it hard to perceive them, they use slow motion, walking just 2 inches per minute,they are hidden in the tall grass,they JUST raise the head and look around for see if the way is clear, then they keep going.Just using this simple techniques that animal can become a formidable hunter, sure you're became a better hunter if you start to use camouflage on your monthly hunt.
In addition to the visual senses, we also have hearing senses. Who never scare away an animal making a noise a little bit high? Then you thought, "Ahhrg, he run again, how can he hear me?"He will always hear you,even if the noise is not very high, most animals has a very keen hearing, leaving your noises , easy to perceive. Try replacing the "... he run again ..." to "I killed another ...".The cats, for example, listen to 3 times more than we humans, so noise can ALWAYS be bad in a hunt. There are several ways to mask the noises,using light steps, letting your materials always securely fastened or using cloths in front of the mouth to muffle the sound of breathing. But always be careful with the noises of the body.
So next weekend when you go hunt with your friends, do not go with the yellow cap, that who your cousin gave to you, the red striped pants who you bought with discount, or that blue shirt who you won in a poker game. Not go with your new iPod, with the speakers enabled.Always remember: your actions can have an effect at the end of the hunt. I will create a another topic later explaining types of camouflage and stealth techniques, I hope you have enjoyed this topic.
Bye to all, I would love if the admin put this topic in the articles page, or in the home page.For more information send me an e-mail, [email protected].
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