"The Blast" 2023 6 rifle balloon shoot

Terrible dates!!!! I have a wedding in Texas my wife says I have to attend that weekend……. Hard to decide how long it will take her to get over it if I go shoot instead 😂 in all seriousness it definitely sounds like a blast and I’ll make sure I make it next year!!
No. You can shoot in as many classes as you like. Some guns can be shot in more than one class. Like a factory gun could be also in tactical, semi custom and unlimited. Some shooters only shoot in a couple of classes
22lr class,5000 made rule.Are these allowed?
Vudoo 22lr ,company that only makes 22lr,I think
Bighorn/Rimx, dedicated 22lr action,not many Rimx, but Bighorn make plenty
I have know idea of how many made.
We have 80 entered already and several more in the works. It is sizing up to be so much fun. We will also have a 3 man team competition, which will be at no extra charge. Each team members scores will be averaged so it will not matter how many classes are entered. There will also be a Sporting Clay Tournament on the side. There are still a few on site hotel rooms available and several camper spots with electrical and water hook ups. Lots of shooting, good food and drinks (at the on site restaurant and "Last Shot" bar) and great friendships. Come join us. You can call with questions. Shooting questions call Jim 316-259-2581. Entry questions call Sally 316-259-2585.
Another shoot in the books. We had a great time with 85 shooters. Thank you to all our sponsors including, Beran Concrete, Pizza Hut, Federal, Larry Anderson, Parks Motor and Federal.
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.22, Factory and Semi custom_0004.jpg
Tactical, A-R, Unlimited and 6 gun_0004.jpg
Tactical, A-R, Unlimited and 6 gun_0005.jpg
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Unlimited and 6 gun winners.jpg
tactical finials.jpg
We would also like to give a special thanks to Gordy Gritters for coming all the way out here to Call the line. Without friend like him we could not have a shoot like this.