the best way to mount a swarovski 5-25X52 br retitcle on Sako 300 win mag grey wolf ?

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    Fellow gun writers, gunsmiths ,gunnuts even fellow hunters . I'm interested in mounting a 5 - 25 X 52 Swarovski Z5 with a BRH reticle to my Sako 300 win mag model 85 grey wolf . I want to know the best rings and bases to use for this set up. I'm also interested in putting an Anti cant set up on the scope as well as a angle cosign indicator . I believe that this is the ultimate set up for the serious hunter how ever I have never seen a angle cosign indicator or a anti cant device a Swarovski scope yet. Can some one explain to me why ? I do know that the angle cosign indicator was derived from a tactical background and prolbably the the anti-cant but why have I only seen them being used on Nightforce scopes and not Swarovskis. Can someone explain to me the trend that I'm seeing? gun)
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    Re: the best way to mount a swarovski 5-25X52 br retitcle on Sako 300 win mag grey wo

    Because NF scopes are more associated with tactical/sniper training and are even used currently by some of our troops. But, a lot of guys hunt with them; the big gripe about NF scopes would be the weight. On the up side, they’re ultimately repeatable, they maintain Zero (they can also have a zero-stop installed) and they’re just tough as hell. Swarovski scopes are 100% hunting scopes, and Swarovski glass is second to none. However, as technology advances and scope companies try to grab each little share of the market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Swarovski try to field a tactical scope. They have a scope that has a built-in laser range finder.

    The best way to mount your Swarovski scope is to contact Near Manufacturing and talk with Richard. He makes the best mounts, bases and rings...period. His products are a little more expensive than most, but you didn't seem to spare the money when bought your rifle and scope.

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