The Bain of Highschool Sports

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    Apr 15, 2013
    I joined today to pursue a sport of interest that 10 years ago I was unable to devote the sufficient time to..

    I played 3 sports in High school and neglected hunting and shooting as anything more than a hobby.

    Now at nearly 30 I'm picking up where BB guns and pellet rifles left off.

    I live in Central VA having moved from Michigan 6 yrs ago. I own a Bennelli 12 Gauge a Mosin-Nagant an Encore in 50 Mag and a 7mm-08 and a Rem 700 .243 Varmint with Heavy barrel.

    Friends asked if I'd like to go to SD for dogs next summer and I agreed only problem was I didn't own a rifle, so in 4 months I have procured the lot and requested my long lost Hunter Safety card be re-printed from Michigan.