the arguement no one used when talking about banning hi-cap mags

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  1. rem700man

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    Jun 6, 2012
    why is it that either right wing or left wing news [fox,cnn,nbc] never once brought up the fact that the ban on hi cap mags are only going to make it that much easier for a drug addict to rob,assualt,murder a normal law abiding citizen that has a ccl. I have read and heard stories about police having to either shoot or tazer a strung out drug addict and they had to shoot the suspect multiple times because the drugs almost give the person a sense of invincibility. i can understand cnn and nbc not saying anything because we all know they have a anti 2a agenda and they just praise any new gun laws that some schmuck dreamt up and yet they want to continually demonize republicans and conservatives when they explain what the aftermath of such laws will do to hurt even more people. what are your thoughts?

    p.s. i apologize if this thread seems a bit unusual, i have a infected tooth and im on antibiotics and percosets, i took 2 percosets about a hr ago and there hitting me pretty hard,so if anyone needs me to clarify anything just ask. thanks everyone
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    Apr 29, 2012
    I think that in reality it would be moot. The ave shooter can change mags pdq, as far as those that CC and fumble with mag changes need to practice it more. To my way of thinking if your going CC then you had best make sure your proficient in all aspects of handling your choosen arm.
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    May 24, 2009
    When one considers that mass killings have taken place without "hi-cap" mags, a ban would prove useless just like the previous failed ban. Furthermore, with popularity of pain pills like Percocet and roxycoxtin to be easily found on the streets, you may need more than just a few to bring an assailant down. I can't help but notice that in home invasions where the owner was home, multiple assailants were involved and given the reduced accuracy in a high stressful situation, you may need every bit of ammo possible. And there is still natural disasters like hurricanes.....we know how that goes.