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Hi guys,
Nighthutnter here from the Houston, Texas area. With this much talent and experience, I have to ask; "What are your thoughts and experiences with the .264 WM? I recently built one on a Montana action, 26" bbl with a 1-9 twist, but haven't cut paper with it yet. I'm really interested in doing some long distance deer hunting this year. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say. This is the best site I have ever stumbled across! Nighthunter264winmag
i haven't shot any deer over 350 yds with my 264 but i have taken nearly a dozen large northern deer with it and only one needed a second shot. stick with 140 grainers the lighter bullets tend to break up to much.
The 264 Win Mag: What a gun mine is the westerner(26"). It is a great round, as long as you use good controlled expantion bullets. The factory 140gr. load by winchester was very accurate in my rifle. Just don't use it up close it will fail terribly. I did this once on our place in Oregon. I lost the whole front half of the deer because of blood shot meat.

Brian Anchorage,Alaska
Great cartridge in spite of wearing out barrels pretty fast. Had one back in the late 1960's that shot inside 4 inches at 600 yards. Barrel lasted about 650 shots then opened up to about 24 inches at 600.
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