The 0.257" 131 grain ACE (0.330 G7) draws first blood - 25 Creedmoor, 15 year old hunter, 610 yards!

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Last night I got a phone call from Jeff Wood who runs a blog and facebook page called Cold Bore Miracle. I could tell by the wind noise he was out in the field and he sounded excited.

    He let me know he was doing overwatch on a father and son he had taken out to the woods for a Mule Deer hunt, who had just smoked a buck at distance. He said they spotted a buck for the 15 year old but it was a little out of range for his 223 bolt rifle at 610 yards.

    Jeff offered up his new 25 Creedmoor chambered with a Blackjack Spec reamer and got the guys down, dialed, solid, and ready for the shot. They watched the wind and made the small adjustment call.

    Jeff said the kid could not have done better. You can read his full writeups on his pages but I have to say I was very impressed and genuinely moved to think that the first time our bullet harvested any game animal was also a young man's very first deer! That's really something special.

    I'll post up some pics from the articles jeff at CBM posts. I can't wait to see the other shooters out there running the 131 gr ACE can do. 610 yds by a 15 year old will be a hard one to top!

    Scroll down a few pics to see the Exit Wound. Jeff said the buck was coughing up a lot of blood and then went down!

    Spotting scope.jpeg
    cbm deer.jpeg cbm deer 2.jpeg
    cbmexit wound.jpeg
    cbm loaded tikka.jpeg
    Hopefully this will be a memory the hunter will keep for many years to come. I know I will.

    Jeff has a pretty short barrel and is running at 2960 fps iirc. My 25 Creedmoor is 26" long and I have been running 3047 fps with no issues and noticeably more power downrange than the 6mm I'm used to.

    We are testing various powders this week and the next to compile a good set of velocity windows with the best powders so guys can find it all in one place. Likely I'll post some info on our favorites here and there as we go! Of course H4350 is shooting lights out in 25x47 and 25 Creedmoor. H4831SC is a natural in our 25x284 up to 3200 fps. : )
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    That truly is awesome that the first successful field test of this new bullet resulted in a new hunter’s first ever deer.
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    Nice! Congratulations to all.