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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
Well it is time to start the application process for next Fall. It involves reading hundreds of pages of big game documents from multiple states. Then hundreds of more pages have to be read and summarized for draw out odds. Then season dates have to be assembled for all of the species in all of the states. Finally a tentative schedule of where to hunt what animal during what part of the month and try not to have too many days when one cannot hunt any animal.

My brain is in overload and I have three Word documents with options on where to go when to do what. Maybe I should buy a Quija board and just use that.

Pretty much looks like I will leave home a month earlier around the first week of August and come home two weeks earlier about the middle of October. Although I might stay until the middle of November before coming home.
Well I hope you draw some good stuff......for my own selfish reasons. I enjoy your hunting posts. So best of luck, bring us back some memories of some interesting exploits.
I am with you on that page Buffalobob, I sware they need to have a course on understanding all the different regs for different states on drawing tags..I am starting to put in for arizona for the kaibab, montana, Nevada, wyoming, and grew up in Utah so there as well. It is like 2 weeks of overload on the brain. I just hope that after years of drawing and throwing money I will get a few of the coveted tags like bighorn sheep,moose, and limited entry Mule deer and Elk. Anyways it is a love hate type relationship this time of year...Good luck in the draws:)
I have only ever applied in Wyoming so it's not too hard to decide on fall plans. This will be the first year that I'll apply out of state. I am going to put in for sheep in Montana.
Jeez I thought i was the only one who spends hours looking for good spots and spending hundreds of dollars on application fees! I look forward to every fall heading west! should be another good year!! good luck to everyone!!
To everyone playing the application game-GOOD LUCK! It's the first bit of winter inertia I have to shed every year ( I just spent how much? For @!$#%& sake I haven't got out my chair yet). Got to have hope, and nothing gives me more hope than putting in for coveted western tags. Nothing compares to betting your behind, decades of time, or thousands of dollars on 1 shot to focus your training. Nothing else focuses your critical eye on your equipment than taking it on a road trip. This site is great but nothing compares to making it real. To all of you out there making it real in your own way-I SALUTE YOU! For me fall starts now.
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