Thank You Vortex! My Dad can see again.

Niles Coyote

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Mar 24, 2008
land of the great lakes
So three Christmases back I bought my father a 6.5x32 fury binocular.

Let me tell you about my Dad. He has macular degeneration. After numerous trips to various eye specialists he unfortunately has found that his eye's will not respond to the treatment that have helped some keep what vision they have or slow it's progression.

When he was still able to use glasses I was listening to the issues he was having with focusing. I got to thinking that a low power binocular may be of some help as it sounded he needed more control focusing each eye than what the specialized glasses would allow.

That was the reason for the purchase and what a difference it has made for him and his quality of life. For what ever reason, he not only can focus better but it also allows him greater detail in what he can see.

As you can imagine, if you cant see much with out an aid, you are going to use that aid as often as you can... every day for every task possible for hours a day. That is a lot of use! After two years and a few months this is what they looked like.



The rubber covering had deteriorated and come off which left the front lenses easily damaged. After one lens had come loose tape had been applied to keep them in place. So I down loaded a return for service form, wrote an explanation and sent them in for service.

That was about 3-4 weeks ago

Yesterday, I came home to a package on the step that contained a brand new pair of the same model... the same model that appears to have been discontinued and that is important as these have a very wide field of view and low power.

The smile on Dad's face was priceless when I presented his new pair.

I can't say Thank You Vortex loud enough!


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Jan 20, 2011
This is great to hear.

I've got more binoculars than I know what to do with including Swarovski's , but the 6.5's are my go to pair. They are especially good for prairie dogs because of their huge field of view. And the huge eye relief makes them real easy on the eyes. I got mine on a closeout deal for $125. Wish I had bought a couple of them. The optics in them are drastically under-rated. They should have been $1000 binoculars.