Texas Hogs?

Just cane into camp tonight. The owner is VERY considerate but not overbearing. The lodge is small and done in the theme " Rustic". The Pease river runs right through it and sure seams like hog country. Dave, the owner gave us a tour of the property and where the places are to hunt. No hogs seen tonight , but we spent only 30 minutes a dusk to dark to spot any. All the surrounding properties are owned by non hunting ranchers. Very clean operation from what I can see. I have good feelings of things to come!!:D
Hunting here at Rustic River Ranch has been a experience! The lodge owner, Dave, Is a very hard working owner that will let you know that he is not a guide! When you hunt here it is literally a trespass fee with lodging and food included. The weather took a turn for the worse. It normally is 45 degrees and it is hitting 80 degrees. These hogs are staying in the shade and not moving till the middle of the night. Dave went out under the feeders and buried SACKS of corn and peanuts to try to bring them in. It worked! A group of hogs came in at 0dark30 and the Trijicon scope did its job! 102lb on the ground. Dave is hooked up with a local processor that will take the game 24 hrs a day to protect his clients meat.
For a person from the city that wants a 5 star lodge and a guide to do everything for him, this is not the place.
For a hunter to get on some private property and have the bait sites managed before they get here, it is the place.
The lodge is a new construction. clean SMALL area to sleep and eat. Two rooms for hunters with bunk style beds that are comfortable and done in the log style. The lodge is built the name and theme Rustic River. They are located on the Pease river country of Texas.
No high fences, No planted hogs, No guaranteed success, I think hunting is not about the destiny but about the JOURNEY.
For a city boy hunter that wants the guaranteed success of penned hogs to make him feel like a hunter there are many high fenced hog hunting areas that hogs are released into.
If I was into young kids and non hunting educated woman these fenced hunts might be the way to go to get them interested and addicted.
Rustic River is more for the seasoned hunter or the hunter that wants to hunt hogs that are not available in their home state.
i was anxious to hear how this hunt went. a friend has family near there and has driven by that ranch a zillion times. he said it’s the roughest country in that part of the state. i’ve hunted the pease too. warm or cold, i like to just go after them and find where they're bedded. they never seem to be too far from the water. you might have to hike up and down the ravines, but the view is worth it when you get to the top. for a flatlander like me it’s quite spectacular.


what would a djones post be without a kill pic?


and of course… a glamor shot

UPDATE... We went out last night fairly late (6pm) to hunt the night. The hogs came in to my blind at 9:30 ish. I made a noise in the blind and off they bolted. MY MISTAKE. Right when they were coming back in my hunting partner had a 110 lb meat hog come in at his bait site someways away. His 375 JDJ barked and one fell. Needless to say the hogs coming to my bait site are gone. My point is, there are good hogs here at Rustic River Ranch. The ranch is smaller by Texas standard but the Owners have surrounding large properties that are not leased out or used for hog hunting. With the river being the main source of water the hogs come from 1000s of acres to the Rustic River Ranch. Again this is not for the hunters wanted planted, fenced hogs.:)

We are seeing wild hogs every night!
Greaat!!!!!...Glad you are at least seeing hogs Idaho and we have the same problem down where we hunt with the slightest movement and they are gone. We don't jump out of the blinds and chase em down on foot like djones, but westill manage to get outr share!

Have a great trip!

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