Texas Cowboy

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    Three brothers grew up in Texas, all were cowboys. When they got older they all deciced to go seperate ways. Being real close they made a pact that when they went out to a local bar they would order three beers one for them and one for each of the other brothers to remind them how close they were. One of the cowboys moved to Wyoming and was living in the Farson area, he started visiting the Oregon Trail Bar there on Saturday nights. He would always order three beers when he sit down at the bar. One day the bartender told him that if he would order one beer at a time they would stay colder. He then explained to the bartender why he ordered three beers at once and about his brothers. This went on for several months and everyone knew the story after a while. On one Saturday the cowboy came in and only ordered two beers. There were several locals in the bar and it got real quite, the bartender finally asked the cowboy if everything was alright. The cowboy said oh yes everything is ok with my brothers. Then why did you only order two beers the bartender asks? Well you see said the cowboy my wife decided we needed to join the Baptist Church last Sunday and I had to give up drinking! But me joining the church didn't affect my two brothers!!!!

    Not saying anything but I came up to Wyoming twenty four years ago from Texas.
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    Where there's four baptists, there's usually a fifth!