Testers Needed for My Newest Ballistics Dealiebopper


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May 8, 2016
Many of you know I run https://ballisticxlr.com where I distribute my ballistics spreadsheets BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS. Well, I've just soft launched a new version called BallisticDLR and I need some folks to run comparo's against their existing ballistics apps as well as to just use the thing and report bugs and usability issues to me. I've run all the tests I can usefully run and unfortunately since I'm elbow deep in the thing I can no longer see the forest for the trees so I need a few new sets of eyes.

This new spreadsheet is meant first for analytics and second for printing field expedient ballistics where my original versions were meant first for printing and second for racing paper. BallisticDLR allows the user to race paper across multiple guns and loads before they start putting things together and burning powder and then to put those things together and race metal all in one tool.

Testers will get compensated in the form of some freebies as a thank you (see below).

You have to know what you're doing with ballistics apps to begin with.
Requires a computer with genuine Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer installed.
Must sign and return Non-Disclosure Agreement
Must have observed drops DOPE to ~1000yrds (a little shorter is fine) or further.
Must be a competent and frequent long range shooter (you gotta have the skillz to pay the billz).

Tester Rewards:
A freebie copy of the new spreadsheet.
A freebie copy of either BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS
1 free item from https://ballisticxlr.com/ballisticxlr-accessories/ with your exact ballistics data custom emblazoned on it.

How to sign up to be a tester:
1. Be quick about it or you might lose out. I don't need many testers.
2. Send email to ballisticxlr at gmail dawt com, mention this post and volunteer for duty.
3. Sign and return NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

Once you sign up I'll send you the things you'll need to do the work. Once the work is done we'll get your freebie products put into the manufacture and ship pipeline.