Tested my new custom Vortex turret.

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    Jul 26, 2009
    This past Tuesday I received my custom turret from Vortex. It is calibrated in yards so when I range with my laser range finder all I have to do is turn the turret to the yardage and shoot.

    It is mounted on my new Votrex Viper 6-24x50mm PST FFP MOA scope.

    First I had to get it sighted in at 200 yds. which is my zero.

    The elevation was approximately 800 feet, humidity about 60% and the temperature was 85 degrees. Wind was nil.

    I then zeroed my turrets. the elevation was set at 2 for 200 yds. the windage was set at zero. When this was completed we moved back to the 400 yd position.

    I set up to shoot and turned the elevation turret to 4 for 400 yds. which was calibrated from my drop chart by who ever does it for Vortex. With the windage turret left at zero this is the 3 shot group I got AT 400 YARDS with the scope set at 24 power. The rifle is a 6mm Norma BR. shooting Berger 105 gr. VLDs & Varget. The barrel is a 26" Brux 1 in 8" twist.

    You look at the target. Is there anything more I need to say about the scope, custom turret or my rifle?

    Testing new Vortex custom turret. - Georgia Outdoor News Forum

    "Aim small miss small", :D


    PS: I am really impressed with this scope. The optics were very clear and I never could see the "halo" on the outside of the lens, but it was a bright day. If you guys & gals can wait to get one you won't regret it. Next weekend God willing I will try to compare the optics with my buddies new Night Force.
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    Jul 15, 2009
    Looks to be a great scope and them turrets would sure make things easy,great shooting,i just purchased a shillen 6br barrell for my stevens cant wait ti get it on.