Tents for setting up in a storm

I ran a Hilleberg Unna this past season summer backpacking, archery elk and rifle elk. Attached inner tent, full waterproof bathtub floor, completely free standing, 2 poles and 2 minutes and it's up. The roomiest one person tent I've seen. I'm 6'2" and I can sit up and not touch the top. I survived an epic storm in the High Uintas with it in Sept. Heavy rain for 9 hours, 1/4" hail for over an hour, high wind from every direction. Bone dry inside. I met 3 other guys hiking out the next day and all of their tents failed and they got cold and wet. One of my best ever investments.


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Dang. Not cutting on anyone's skill, but I chuckle when I see guys outfitted with gear that costs more than their rifles.
Personally, I would love to have one of these tents, but I'm a cheap bastige and struggle to justify spending more than $200 on one. I guess I never progressed beyond my days as a dirt-bagger when it comes to base gear.
Edit to add, hundreds of times setting up, and easily 1/3 or more of them in the rain. Never once a wet night. Howling winds at 8K numerous times in the Cascades, Wind River, Gros Ventre and Wasatch ranges, even worse on the Oregon Coast, and never a blow-down.
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Rifles, tents, trucks, optics...they are all the same in that you pretty much get what you pay for. It is more about what features and quality you want for your dollar.
I've always been a Big fan of Vango tents, bought them when I lived in Scotland and went out of my way to import one when I needed a new tent in NZ. Light, hard wearing and very watertigh.
Many great suggestions have been made. That said, I'll take my Kifaru Sawtooth any day and twice on Sunday. Put the low end into the wind, two straight pole and done. Add my medium stove, I can cook my food, dry my wet clothes, and warm my chilled body. Oh by the way, I can stand up to get dressed/undressed.
I have tried 8 different types of tents in the Alaskan wilderness. Living in a tent for 12+ weeks most years for the season.
I'm still searching
I agree that a tent that can be set up in a storm and stay "dry" inside is a requirement for me also.
I'm still looking for the right one.
My requirements are very stringent as my tent and sleep system are the last bastion of defense against nature. What works for me most likely won't work for all.
Tents I have tried
Mountain Hardware
Big Agnes ( 2 models)
MSR (2 models)
Kuiu ( the tent I cursed the most)

Not having endless amounts of money to buy every tent and testing it I'm still looking
If your tent requires guy lines to withstand the wind, chances are in a strong 50mph+ wind the poles will bend/break whilst setting up before the guy lines can be anchored. Best bet for wind/rain is to keep an eye on incoming fronts and get setup before they hit. If that really can't be avoided then best bet is to choose a sheltered site or build walls out of snow or cut branches or dig in before setting up.
I'm not a tent expert, but have owned 4 expensive tents before getting my current Kuiu Storm. This Kuiu is amazing!
My first time using it was a snowy weekend in the mountains, and I was more than impressed.