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Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
You can tell that you're getting closer to hunting season when the TV shows start reducing the number of fishing segments and increase the big game hunting segments.

Let's feed our growing long range hunting hunger by talking about our upcoming season plans. Whether backyard or halfway round the world, tell us about your plans. While I get just about as much satisfaction out of my back-yard hunts I'll start with my first upcoming hunt.

My son, Andy, and I leave on an Alaskan sheep hunt August 6. We'll be hunting with Terry Overly of Pioneer Outfiters in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. In the "small world" category, one of his guides is a good friend of Dave King and lives near Dave in the off-season. I hunted with Terry three years ago so I know what to expect in most ways. My partner on that hunt got a nice Dall but after a few days of hunting my knees were killing me from the horseback riding, Jack became ill, and we quit early. Nonetheless, I remember saying at the time that it was the most successful hunt I had ever been on even though I didn't fire a shot. We saw 150 different sheep, one mountain goat, several caribou and the tracks of wolf and grizzly. This time I will ride a skinnier horse and walk 80% of the time from the very beginning to protect my knees.

Since that time I am further into the long range hunting culture and have added a few gadgets or techniques. I will lug a new rifle fitted with a Harris bipod and carry a Kestral windmeter. I expect the deceptive mountain winds to be my biggest long range challenge. My newer rangefinder will operate out further. I used no drop table pasted to my stock last time. This time I will check zero and drop on Terry's airstrip out to 500 yards and extrapolate from there. Three years ago Jack's sheep was called a "willow sheep" because he shot it only 100 yards above the riverbank as it came down to feed on willow brush. The shot was about 185 yards and quite level. This year I will be prepared for a shot out to 500 or so in good wind and for angles quite steep. My rifle will sport a "Cosine indicator" attached to it. This is a device that measures shooting angles without removing your cheek from the stock as you aim. I'll work up a post on it with a picture in the review section. Last time there was one probably legal sheep we couldn't quite evaluate at quite a long distance through my very good Leupold 12 to 40 power scope. This year I will be lugging a heavier, sharper Swarovski 15 to 60 power scope which would have made the difference back then.

Pioneer Outfitters did a good job for us last time. This hunt is in some spectacular country and I can't wait to get back. They are being featured this Sunday, July 29, on Basspro's hunting program on TNN. I think the time is 7:30 Eastern but check for yourself. The hunt will be for grizzly bear. Terry's email address is [email protected] (my edit just corrected the email address)

Anyway, tell us about your plans for this fall --- backyard or halfway round the world.

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I'm preparing for a trip to Alberta. I'll be hunting monster whitetail with Ron Nemetchek of North River Outfitting.

I was with Ron this Spring on a Black Bear hunt and had a great time, I got some good tips from Ian McMurchy beforehand and had a great hunts and made a good video.

Ron's place is just North of Athabasca and is a great place for Long Range hunting. He has a open front yard with capabilities to shoot over 1000 yards from the front porch of his house (zero checks).

I initially had no intentions of hunting WhiteTail deer anywhere other than here in Maryland with occasional trips to Wisconsin for family hunts but after seeing some of the mounts and shed antlers I quickly changed my mind.

I'll be bringing a 308 and a 300 Win mag on the hunt. I expect to keep the distances to 700 yards or less (chip shots for Darryl and his crew).

I expect to come home with a good 150 class at a minimum and would love to have a B&C encounter.

Good Luck with your hunt Len.
I have a couple of traveling hunts firmed up, couple more being planned. Caribou in northern Quebec and desert mulies in New Mexico so far plus a black bear hunt in Sask. with Steve Suttles from Badlands. We hunt whitetails (the small Saskatchewan variety) whenever possible - have a real nice muzzleloader season and then a cold-weather rifle season, maybe a moosehunt if I am here during the season.

Although traveling hunts are great experiences the travel part of it can be stressfull on semi-old farts like myself. Last year I did six trips, got real tired of airports and missed flights.

Anybody needs a real good travel check-list for traveling hunts give me a shout.
I leave on the 18th of August for Alaska for another Dall Sheep and Grizzly hunt. I'll be hunting once again with Vern Humble of Rainy Pass Lodge in the Alaska Range. I hunted there in 1999 and took a nice Dall and a great Grizzly. I don't get to hunt much for myself anymore, due to client obligations, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Kirk Kelso
My wife and I will be heading to Colorado near the end of October for our yearly long-range elk hunt. We camp back in 7 miles at 7500 feet elevation and don't come out till the seasons over.
We look forward to this trip every year. I believe this is 11 or 12 years in a row now.

After that we head back east to West Virginia for Buck season and then on to Pennsylvania for Buck season.

Last year Carol (my wife) got the long shot of three elk killed (in our group) in Colorado at 1362 Yards and the year before that she killed a fantastic 10 Point whitetail buck in West Virginia.

I've had some great hunting partners (long-range and short-range) over the years but, she's the best.

Darryl Cassel
Well i leave house in about two weeks to hunt moose in unit 13 hope to get a nice spike fork better eating LOL LOL LOL we stay down there for about 6o days and hunt Bou too.
And this year will be fun my Daughter is takeing two weeks off work and collage to hunt wolves and Griz with me in the same area. when she and her brothers were younger we did this every year now it is great when her or her brothers get the chance to go at all with me and at the end of Sept it is back to work hunting wolves and coyotes and getting the traplines open.It is great to live in the land of the last front tire LOL
Have a good Sunday:Coyote Slayer
Wow! That was exciting. I just watched the Basspro-TNN show on Pioneer Outfitters hunt. Bob Faulkrod was hunting moose and grizzly. Bob shot a nice bear after waiting out some bad weather. His guide was the same guide I had 3 years ago. Grew a beard since then.

The video showed outfitter Terry Overly flying his black Super Cub, dropping Bob off at his hunting camp. I am now really pumped up! I'll be right there in 9 days, right on the same river bed.

I talked to Terry a couple days ago. He's had TV coverage before and he said he will now stay close to the phone for the next few days because of hunters calling him.
Dear Len
I work the white river country all winter hunting wolves and coyotes Please get a wolf tag when you are there there can never be to many wolves taken out of this area. I work for Urbin who has a lodge over near rock lake, what part are you going to hunt and have a super hunt:Coyote Slayer
We will be hunting out of Chisana. The weather forcast shows rain on and off for the next week. Is that what you see?
Yes it has been raining for about a week and the river is high on the last report, are you going in with 40 mile air or is terry going to meet you on forty mile air strip in tok well i wish you luck on your hunt and remember the wolf tag LOL LOL
one wolf will eat about thirty sheep this season alone and that does not count the coyotes:Coyote Slayer
LEN: I'll be hunting in eastern Montana with HVO, same as you. I finally moved to Roscoe, IL, less than 3 miles from the Wisconsin line. I have a 150 acre woods in my backyard, and have been clearing brush to put in a food plot. Also can now practice with my bow off my elevated rear deck. Send me an e-mail, and I'll give you my address and telephone number. Sorry to hear about your bum leg screwing up your Alaska hunt. Hope it's all better before you reach Big Sky country. We'll have to shoot our thundersticks one of these weekends. The movers wouldn't move any of my ammo. It took a number of trips with two cars to get it all here. I've worked up some deadly loads for both my .308, as well as my coyote gun (Remington 40X with a 6X18 Redfield scope).

I have a load for the 300 Win mag that uses Nosler Ballistic Tips, 3150 fps and very good accuracy. Problem is, these should NOT be fired into a deer (or other animal) for a big bone shot at close range, they'll 'explode' and not penetrate well. I've used them before and they're excellent at long range, expansion is even good at low to very low velocities.

This would NOT be a recommended bear load and for anything big or dangerous up closeI'd pack along some Nosler Partitions for the 300 Win mag.

First off, thanks for creating this forum.

My boring hunt consists of driving a whopping 3 miles from my house, walking a whopping 200 yards to my deer stand and waiting for the deer to come out of the woods so I can kill them. My stand is 6' sq and 21' high. I watch over a field that is 750 yards - the longest shot I would have. I have a swivel bench, front rest and rear bag for my 300 win mag to sit on. I push 180gr ballistic tips at a measured 3180 FPS and I use a Schmidt & Bender 4 to 16 X 50 PM scope. I also use Leice Geovid range finder.

Last year I killed a doe at 75 yards (bullet did NOT explode) and another at a measured 388 yards, broadside, double lung shot. That second deer went 30 yards and did a back flip - dead. I am hopefull that a deer will step out of the woods at 750 yards and give me a nice broadside shot.

I truly would like to find someplace to hunt does. What I am looking for is a cull hunt where I can kill 3 or 4 doe a day for 3 or 4 days. Distances of out to 400 yards is fine. My 22 is ready to go. Oops I best explain before people jump down my throat about killing deer to 400 yards with a 22. My 22 is a 22 CHeetah MK 1, push a 52gr berger bullet at a measured 4280 FPS and it works good on whitetail deer - out to 400 yards. If anybody knows of where I can kill 3 or 4 deer a day, let me know

Two buddies and myself went on a doe hunt last year in South Carolina. The outfitter of this lodge "claimed" it would be easy to kill 4 deer a day. In the 4 days I was there I saw 2 live deer. By the time I got on them somebody else was blazzing away at them.

I see on TV all the time where these hunting lodges/camps have 10 or more doe out on some food plot while the hunter is waiting for Mr Big to come out. I am looking for a place like that, where you actually see a lot of deer everyday and have the opportunity to kill 3 or 4 doe a day. Saying you can kill 3 or 4 doe a day and seeing that many doe a day are 2 different things as my wallet found out last year.

Anybody wanting to know who this outfit was in SC last year, let me know. The guy ripped us off, money wise as well.

Anyway, Len thanks for creating this site and I hope all of you find what you are looking for this season.

Safe hunting,

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