Tell me about your Longest Kills with a 6mm br.


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
My 6br will be done this week. I am getting pumped! It consists of a trued Howa action, BC tac stock pillar bedded, varmint SS Keiger 28" with 1 in 8 twist. A IOR 4 x14x50 gen 4 with MP-8 ret. I plan on shooting 105 or maybe bigger bullets. The Bergers and A-Max's look good at this point.

So what is the effective range for a 6br on antelope or deer with good bullet placement? Tell me what you have taken effectivly, what bullet etc.


My 6BR is a pistol. I shoot 88 grain Bergers over 31 gr of Varget. The only animal I have shot with it is a doe antelope at 270 yards. One shot in the lungs piled up within 100 yards after being hit.

Guess not many hunt with the 6 br... ??
The 6br isn't really a 'hunting' cartridge, beyond varmint hunting.
It only has deer killing energy to ~400yds with 95gr bullets.

I use a 6br for woodchucks(w\95VLDs). My furthest kill to date with it is 627yds. But a 6br is plenty capable further out -with varmints.
It wouldn't concern me to take deer at ~600yds, but they would be strictly head shots.

My gun
Browing Eclipse, rebarreled to 6br in Pacnor, 8tw, 26" finished.
My load
31.6gr IMR4895, 95grVLDs, CCI450s, ~2975fps
Goodgrouper shot an antelope or two with a 6Br improved or something similar using the 95 Bergers. You will have too search back about three or four years to find it. As I remember it was only about 600 yards because the wind was so fierce.
Took a yote with mine e few weeks ago. 653 yards with a 107 SMK. Yote was facing me mostly. Stuck it in the front shoulder and it exited under the tail with a 1 1/2" exit. Yup, he can now phart in stereo...:D

Bullet impressed me. I would have no prolem taking a deer with the 107 SMK out to 700.

I know I am resurecting this one from the dead but I am just getting my 6br ready, scope should be here today. I plan on shooting the 105 grain amax and was wanting to hear about people's performance with this little round. I don't plan on hunting to much with it much but will probably take it out every once in a while.
I have 30" Bartlein 5R 1 in 8 twist 6 BR. It shoots the Berger 105 hybrid target bullets. I am surprised to read here that no one mentions this very high BC bullet. BC is G1 .536 or G7 .275 Velocities obtained with IMR 8208 BR is 2840 fps.

I used the 105 Berger in a 6mm-284, with muzzle velocity of 3475 fps, to kill a small coues wt a few years ago. The shot was 509 yds with impact velocity of 2800 fps. While the deer died it wasn't as spectacular as the larger calibers I have used in the past. The impact velocity of the 6mm-284 is the same as the 6 BR at the muzzle!

If the 6 BR was used instead of the 6mm-284 for that 509 yd shot, the impact velocity would be 2200 fps with energy at 1140 ft/lb. Wind drift in a 10 mph 90 degree crosswind is not that encouraging at 12.4 inches. While the 6 BR is extremely accurate I am not sure I would use it for deer or antelope especially at longer distances.

Anyone else use the 6 BR on big game?
Ive taken a few hogs with the 105 hybrid and the 6br. I didnt get much expansion with the 105 when shot into the body, so i usually only take it when im planning to be close enough for head shots.
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