Tasco SS Scopes / Burris Rings

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    Jun 8, 2001
    For those who do not know, Tasco makes a pretty darn good long-range scope line called the Super Sniper or "SS".

    This is a 30mm scope with large micrometer target knobs much like the Leupold M3 and M4.

    The SS scopes were built to a US military specification and come in three (10x, 16x and 20x) fixed power models with a MIL Dot reticle.

    I have both the 10x and 16x models and have been very happy with them. Even more so when one considers these scopes cost about 1/3 of what a Leupold goes for these days.

    Where do you get one of these Tasco scopes?

    SWFA of course! (www.swfa.com)

    My Tasco's are all mounted in Burris Posi-align rings. These rings are the cat's --- for long-range shooting because the plastic inserts are available in eccentric sizes that allow the scope to be canted in any direction.

    The plastic inserts also mean it is damn near impossible to scratch a scope and lapping rings is a thing of the past.

    Peter Cronhelm