Tasco mag 50


Jan 17, 2004
I recently went to a gun show and ,for a price I couldn't pass up, picked up a Tasco Mag 50 5*20 with trajectory for 1000 yds for elk and lope, and an moveable crosshair for 600yds. I realise this is no fancy target scope but I can't find any information on it on the net. If anyone knows anything about them I would appreciate a reply. I am just interested in maybe hitting a deer or elk at 400-500 yards. Do they hold zero and are they reliable?
i actually have one on my 30-06 and i load my own ammo and so far i can place 3rd group at 100yrds and cover them all with a quarter. i love it and used other tascos for yrs alot say there junk i think its them. ive had them bumped and banged around for yrs and ive not had one loose its zero.
A Mag 4/ 50 5-20 resided on my swift for 10 years and to be completely honest it performed quite well on many prairie dog trips. I made my longest shot ever with that scope and until I could afford something much nicer it performed well.

It tracked well and was clear enough to identify 10" tall targets at 6-700 yards though the eye fatigue after a day in the field would put you to bed early. I never once had any problem with zero moving. I firmly believe these older Tasco scopes were much better made than today's that you see so many bad reviews on. Enjoy it!

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