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hello all i have a question as to if some one can purchase knobs for the leu vxIII
its 6.5/20 40 or does it need to be sent in for this type of work say to leupold or premiere thanks
You can send the scope into Leupold and they will install them, or you can purchase them directly from Leupold and install them yourself. If you check with Brownell's catalog, I believe they offer them for sale there too. There are several other makers also.
I wonder if there is a question of terminology here. Knobs vs Turrets. There are some aftermarket knobs that attach to various scopes to make adjusting easier (Stoney Point I believe). You simply screw them into the turret and they become extensions so that you don't need to use the coin slot Nikon has such an arrangement on their 6.5-20, the scope comes with two sets of oversize knobs that you attach with set-screws, one knob fits inside a cover and the other is too big to fit inside.

Changing turrets is much more technical and can only be done at the factory or at a place like Premiere I believe. The scope must be taken apart and re-filled and sealed with nitrogen.
You are correct on that sir. I took Steve's post to mean that he was interested in the screw on "knobs" that have the extension to fit into the adjustment (coin) slot of a regular scope. Sorry for any misinterpretation.
Stony Point makes 'target knobs' for Leupold and Tasco (as I recall) that simply fit onto the existing adjustment hardware. They engage the coin slot, and enable you to grasp the knob and make adjustments without fumbling for change. Dealer cost is about $40/pair, retail perhaps $50/pair.

Available in at least a few places, Midway and Cabela's being two.
Do the "Knobs" and the "Turrets" do the same thing? Is there a reason to send a scope in to have turrets put on or will the knobs do the same thing? Just currious as I do not want to pull the scope off the gun but it one is better than the other, I will.


I have a set of StoneyPoints on the exact same scope. They work great. Not to tall also. The grad marks on the side make it easy to adjust.
also cheaper than sending back to Leopold I thimk the cost is around $85.00 forturrets compaired to $55.00 for stoney Points.
The other nice feature is I can take them off and put the caps back on if I want.

To answer Matt's question, no Knobs and turrents do not do the same job.

Knobs, like the Stoney Points, only indicate the movement around one revolution. Great for making small adjustments.

Turrents have a vernier scale so that they will indicate multiple revolutions. This would be of benefit when lots of elevation change is needed ie during long range shooting. The work done by the Leupold Custom shop is great and the knobs look and work very well.

Other companies like Bausch & lomb have turrents that can be installed at home. Most other companies require the scope to be returned for install. Burris offers this service and is quite reasonably priced.

Good luck...

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