Target idea


Sep 16, 2021
Aransas Pass, TX
Per my post in March I have been shooting my .45-70 like a butthole neighbor. So far I've been shooting at prickly pear pads while coming up with a target solution. I believe I have a good idea: 5 inch diameter poles bent in a half octagon form with a quarter octagon welded to middle in back for additional support and the three legs going five foot into the ground with concrete around them and painted with oil based paint. It might be overkill but hey it'll last a long time. Ill be using the big thick gong types, assuming i can find any, painted on target side. There will be four of these targets at: 100 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, and im not sure where to put the last one. May be I'll only have three. They're going to have to be (looking down range at them) side by side cause we're pretty flat.