SOLD/EXPIRED Tar-Hunt custom slug gun for sale


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Aug 9, 2006
Greensburg, PA
I am looking to sell my custom built Tar-Hunt slug gun in 12 gauge. This gun was built as a showpiece by Tar-Hunt.

This gun was built on a fnacy engraved, highly polished 870 WingMaster receiver. It has a custom ER Shaw barrel permanately attached to the receiver. The barrel also has a "built in" muzzle brake. The trigger is tuned to 3.5# and breaks very cleanly for a shotgun trigger.

The stock was custom made for this gun. It is a thunmbhole style stock with a Pachmyer Decelerator pad installed on it.

The gun is a tack driver - it will pretty much shoot 1 big hole at 100 yds with Lightfield Elite 3" slugs.

$1400 shipped to FFL (scope not included, but rings and bases are)


Re: Tar-Hunt custom slug gun for sale - REDUCED!!!!

REDUCED= $1075 SHIPPED ( Rifle, rings and base only - no scope or ammo)
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I will give you $950.00 shipped to an FFl of my choice. Let me know. Thanks
Great.....How do we do this to make sure we both get what we want. First time I have bought one on-line from an individual. Thanks Roger

You misunderstand - I sold the rifle to someone else for my asking price of $1075. He also bought the S&B scope that is on the rifle.

I marked it as "sold" on here to baically inform anyone looking at my post that the slug gun is gone - no longer for sale.

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