Taking My -20 F. down bag to -40 F. ... maybe

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    Feb 4, 2012
    Air is a conductor rather than a insulator. Most foam pads are all air. Very comfortable but all air. Closed cell foam is much better insulator. If a guy didn't want to use a gore-tex bivy, he could go to home depot and get a canvas drop cloth to cover up with. Canvas breaths.

    People are a bit concerned with spending money on sleep stuff but another way of looking at it is, and we've all been there, how much would we spend for a night in a motel when we just spent the entire night shivering and hardly got a wink of decent sleep? Bad sleep = bad next day.
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    Feb 7, 2015
    -40 or -20 WTF!! Stay home that sounds like more misery than fun
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    Sep 15, 2012
    We winter campers love the beauty of a snow covered landscape, the feeling of being snug in our tent while a storm blows outside, of cooking a hearty meal either sheltered in our tent vestibule or in a "kitchen" dug out of the snow near the tent.

    Yes, it takes specialized skills and specialized gear but if both are up to the conditions you have a great feeling of accomplishment and some great photos and memories. The more severe the conditions the better your skills and gear needs to be.

    And you'll find this is not UL camping. Winter gear is heavier, travel often more difficult and hours of daylight more limited. Plan for a shorter trip and bring your iPod or part of a novel to read in your tent during the long nights.

    Why sit inside during the winter when you can camp, hike or in deeper snow, ski, snowshoe and see another side of your favorite hiking trails?

    To get started in winter camping I highly recommend the little paperback book "Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book". It is 30% winter travel info and 70% winter camping info. The cartoon-like illustrations by Mike Clelland are as informative as the text. If for no other reason you should get the book and read it so you will be well informed if your ever get into a winter survival situation.

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