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    Dec 22, 2009
    a good friend of mine is a neurosurgeon I used to work with, tried to take his son hunting in Ona, Florida 6 years ago, too much angst so we waited him out, his senior year of high school was read to go with me, day 1 large boar, day 2 decent doe, we have too many and have tags, day 3 2 large hogs which are also destroying our 1800 acre lease.
    I think he is definitely gut hooked and also spoiled, 4 critters in 3 days but he did want to learn everything as much as possible, calibers, ballistics, shot placement, cleaning dressing and processing. Stressed being in the woods, camraderie, animals are just gravy. Accepted to Duke early admission-smart guy, and wants to keep hunting up there.
    Any thoughts welcome, Mike