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Nov 21, 2008
Not sure if this is the right place but I wanted to share this ongoing build here. Please feel free to move it to a better place.

The idea with this one was to build a .260 AI with a detachable box on an old Turk Mauser action. Added to that challenge, I'm also building the stock for it. I know that after time and materials I'd be much better off buying than building, but I've always taken a lot of satisfaction in my projects:D!

Here's the skinny. I picked up a Turk 1903/38 for about $90 off a used rack at a local gun store. The thing was a shooter and regularly hit a 10" gong at 300. I decided I wanted to sporter it a bit (it's all non matching and not a collectible) but when I took the wood off I discovered the barrel was pretty badly pitted. Bad news, I needed a new barrel. Good news, I needed a new barrel!

I decided to go with the .260 Ackley and to get really interesting I'd make it accept M1A magazines. I ended up dropping the Ackley idea and going for the straight .260 Rem (decided I had enough on my plate with getting the mag to work). I'm also building my own stock for it.

To date, I've got the bolt handle modified, charging hump ground off, bolt catch modified, Bottom of receiver opened up barrel pulled, and new barrel on order.

Here's some pics.

Started with this.


Bolt handle modified, charging hump gone, bolt catch modified.



Barrel pulled, bottom opened up. Action opened with mag in place.

Top case being stripped off by bolt.


Wood for stock. Planning on building three.


New bolt knob that I formed from epoxy putty and filed down.



Thanks for looking. I'll keep this updated as my work progresses:)!

I got a 22" #3 taper Douglas long chambered 98 Mauser barrel in 260 Rem, not new, but unfired.
I put it on a VZ24 someone sent me.
The barrel was factory blued and unfired.
I have now shot ~ 60 rounds in 4 trips to the range, and the barrel still fouls quickly.
The barrel was blued in the bore too, and it is taking it's time breaking in.
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