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    Dec 16, 2010
    Hi All,
    I wanted to get a short thread out for anybody who has experienced or is currently having a problem with "Cam Lean" on their crossbow.

    So the first obvious question is "How Do I Know If I'm Having A Cam Lean Problem"?

    Well, one of the tell tale signs that you could be affected by Cam Lean is when you paper tune your crossbow, if you are getting paper tears the are either tail high or tail low? If you make the necessary vertical adjustments on your arrow rest and are still getting the same condition, you most likely are being affected by a "Cam Lean Problem".

    This condition can easily be corrected by using the following steps:

    Caution: Do Not Perform these steps unless you have already squared your crossbow correctly and performed the basic adjustments in the PSE Owners Manual, which cover Paper Tuning.

    1. Loosen the limb bolts that keep your crossbows limbs fully spread to the
    open position. This will take the pressure off the crossbows cables and
    string to allow the string to slack.
    2. Remove the string and either add or delete 2 or 3 twists to the string and
    then reconnect it as it was before you removed it. Make sure you keep track
    of which direction you twisted it and exactly how many twists you've added.
    3. After completing these steps re-tighten the limb bolts to fully open and lock
    your limbs in the shooting position.
    4. Load and shoot your crossbow at the paper tuner to determine if the vertical
    paper tears have gotten worse or gotten better. If they're better go back to
    step #2 and add as many twists as necessary until the paper tears are
    removed and you ar5e shooting a good bullet hole pattern.
    5. If the paper tears are worse, then you know you were turning in the wrong
    direction, so you need to return to Step #2 and first turn 2 or 3 turns back to
    where you originally started and then add at least 2 more turns in that
    direction to improve the vertical tears.
    6. Then, tighten your limb bolts and re-test your paper tuning pattern to
    measure the improvement.
    7. Continue this process until you have adjusted your crossbow until you have
    a perfect bullet hole pattern. Keep in mind that you can put as little as a half
    twist on your cable for fine tuning purposes. I do not recommend using half
    or single twists when performing your first adjustments because if you
    adjust two few number of twists, you will not see anything change when you
    attempt to paper tune and measure your changes. It's easier to over adjust
    and then remove a twist than not to know which way to twist due to under
    8. Once you have a perfect bullet hole pattern, you have eliminated Cam Lean
    on your crossbow. It's not possible for your Cams to be out of level with your
    string and attain a perfect bullet hole pattern.


    Jon Henry