SOLD/EXPIRED T/C Omega Trade/For Sale


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Dec 28, 2004
T/C Omega SS Camo 50 cal. Less than 50 rds thru it. Very accurate with powerbelt bullets and 777. Looking for a Lyman Great Plains rifle in .54. Will look at all offers. I just want to s*KUp7BHSHqqy7XH6gX0QQ0P%7CRup6lQQ%7C/of=50,590,442tart hunting with traditional equipment.
I am an idiot and can't post pictures If anyone is interested I will email one to you. Thanks
Rifle has 3 X 9 X 50 Redfield scope attactched. In my fight to post a picture I forgot that. Thanks
I will look at all cash offers. No one wants to get rid of their Lyman Great Plains rifle.