Switching focal planes

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    Jan 12, 2013
    I'm really new to the long range thing and I just bought a 22-250 to shoot Coyotes with. I researched as much as I could on scopes and Vortex Vipers kept coming up so I gambled on the 4-16-44HS. It came in today and the clarity is great! I currently have two other Leupolds and it's clearer than those. But, I digress. Today's scope is a second focal plane (as are my Leupolds). Two friends, and i, are planning an Eastern Montana Mule Deer hunt in Nov. so I have to buy yet another scope. I understand the difference between the two focal planes and it sounds like first would be superior as far as BDC reticles go (maybe not). My question is, do any of you have 1st on one rifle and 2nd on another? Does this cause confusion? If I shoot Coyotes for the next few months with a 2nd, should I buy a 2nd to go on the .300 for out west? Thanks for any suggestions.