SWFA (riflescopes.com) won't match prices as advertised


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Mar 26, 2003
Orange County
SWFA (riflescopes.com) won\'t match prices as advertised

I tried to take SWFA up on their "we will beat/match any price" offer. The first time they said the scope I wanted was discontinued, the second time they said they just sold the last one; and now they won't even reply. I have heard good feedback on their service but their price matching seems to be just a hoax. Has anyone successfully gotten price matching from SWFA?

I provided SWFA the link of two publicly advertised prices and both vendors have the product in stock and ready to ship. They are also $200 lower than SWFA's web pricing.

Like I said, NO RESPONSE from SWFA on my inquires.

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Re: SWFA (riflescopes.com) won\'t match prices as advertised

.. I have had great success with price matching from a lot of different suppliers as long as I can prove the lower price.. SWFA and Bear Basin are great to deal with.. The only time I couldn't get price matching was with a NightForce scope.. Good luck to ya.. d:^) JiNC
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