Swarovski Z6i 5-30 x 50 BT L with 4W-I reticle for hunting?


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Apr 6, 2014
I have an opportunity to purchase a like new Z6i 5-30 X 50MM scope. I have no experience with SWARO other than a pair of 10X42 EL range binos that i purchased several years ago. I would use this on a hunting rifle; either a Weatherby Ultralight in 300 WBY or on a Seekins HAVAK PH1 in 28 Nosler. Most of my shots would be between 200 and 600 yards. I am not familiar at all with the ballistic turret setup on this scope, but it looks fairly simple to set up the colored dots for specific ranges. I am a little concerned about the fine 4W-I reticle, but is it illuminated with a center dot for either bright day or low light use. Is this too much magnification for hunting? I have a Leupold VX6 HD in 6-24 power range that I am happy with and would buy again. I would appreciate some advice on application of this scope for hunting and if this ballistic turret system is good for hunting or if i should consider ordering a different setup that would allow me to dial the yardage like my Leupold and Nightforce NXS.
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