Swarovski Z6i 5-30 x 50 BT L with 4W-I reticle for hunting?


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Apr 6, 2014
I have an opportunity to purchase a like new Z6i 5-30 X 50MM scope. I have no experience with SWARO other than a pair of 10X42 EL range binos that i purchased several years ago. I would use this on a hunting rifle; either a Weatherby Ultralight in 300 WBY or on a Seekins HAVAK PH1 in 28 Nosler. Most of my shots would be between 200 and 600 yards. I am not familiar at all with the ballistic turret setup on this scope, but it looks fairly simple to set up the colored dots for specific ranges. I am a little concerned about the fine 4W-I reticle, but is it illuminated with a center dot for either bright day or low light use. Is this too much magnification for hunting? I have a Leupold VX6 HD in 6-24 power range that I am happy with and would buy again. I would appreciate some advice on application of this scope for hunting and if this ballistic turret system is good for hunting or if i should consider ordering a different setup that would allow me to dial the yardage like my Leupold and Nightforce NXS.
30 on the high end is a lot of magnification for me you could zoom in and ck out animal before shooting then dial back down
30 on the high end is a lot of magnification for me you could zoom in and ck out animal before shooting then dial back down
I did purchase the scope, haven’t mounted it yet, but planning to put in my 300 Weatherby mag Mark V ultra light. This will be used strictly for elk or mule deer hunting at ranges between 100 and 500 yards. Plan to zero at 200, set the BT dots for 300, 400, and 500. Still a little concerned about the fine cross hairs against dark back grounds, but I think the lighted dot will compensate for that in either the daylight or low light settings.
I’ve got a friend that has the same scope with that retical non illuminated
On a mcwhorter 7mm weatherby with a custom turrent it is spot on out past 1000 yards I think you can purchase one from Swarovski after you learn the proper inputs he also has another plex retical on a 7 step illuminated last time I saw it he didn’t have a battery in it said he didn’t need it
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