Swarovski vs Nightforce


Jan 5, 2004
Looking for a premium scope for a whitetail gun. .270 rig used for foodplot hunting. Long range for me is 300 - 350 yards. Most concerned about clarity and brightness as many shots are at dusk. Any ideas on the better scope?
Hunting rig to 350yds...I would go with a Vari III Leupold...

But you want clarity. Then Schmit&Bender all the way...Probably the best Hunting Scope you can buy. There Optic's pretty much set the standard.
Well this would be exactly what I do in my roe culling and I have only ever used Swarovski 6x42's both the old Nova and the new PF.

Clarity and light gathering are ample for shooting up to one hour before or after sunset and the discipline of allways having the same sight picture is a big help.

The 4 reticle has a very fine cross hair between posts that is excellent for precision but gets lost a bit sooner than the 4a which has a thicker cross hair between thicker posts.

I have used both on 300yard shots at 40lb deer with great success.
What ever scope brand you choose try to find one with illuminated cross hairs, these make all the difference when shooting in low light conditions.

NF NXS 3.5-10x56 R2

Selling it to most anyone in the tactical or LR hunting world would be way easier in the event you decide to move WAY out in range and want a higher power scope.

The reticle will also be great for sizing up game, ranging and also integrate very well with this cartridge.

Elevation adjustment is awesome, has a lighted reticle, huge exit pupil and FOV.

No way I'd go Swaro on this one.
If you need an illuminated reticle to take the shot then it's too dark to be shooting 300m.

IMHO it is not necessary to have a fancy reticle at 300-350 yards. People are taking shots like this all the time in Scotland with a 270 and 6x42 zeroed 1.5" high and holding a bit higher as it gets longer.

56mm and illuminated reticles have their place in the woods at short range at the end of legal shooting light.
Illuminated reticle is just another option that can be helpfull, even when it's still perfectly fine to shoot, a lot of times it simply contrasts better on a darkend animal.
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