Swarovski Turrets - Or The Lack Of Them?


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Dec 11, 2002
I handled a nice glass yesterday,it is a Swaro 6-24 with a holdover reticle. The reticle doesn´t bother me but the knobs... they were low, no feel, and I really didn´t get the point at all, how to live with those?

Is it possible to fit target turrets on those Swaros? The seller didnt´t really understand what I was talking about but the price for that scope looks very good indeed.

You're looking at the PV 6-24x50 P.
The PV-S version has target turrets:

“Swarovski PV-S 6-24x50 P. Specially designed for competition shooting with parallax correction, sun shield, target turrets, reticle adjustment with extended elevation adjustment range and reticle in the second image plane for precise shooting with low target coverage, even at high magnification. It has, of course, all the other benefits of the P-series.”

I'm must say, that I'm very 'pro' Swarovski -I've got a pair of 10x42 EL Binos-which I reckon to be the best binos in existence- I've also got one of their 3-12x50 scopes (again very good, but rather long)- but, personally, I didn't go for their 6-24 for 3 reasons; I don't like front AO (as opposed to side focus, it's awkward. I don't like target turrets where you have to take of turret caps to make adjustments, they're awkward too! But the main nail in its coffin was the fact that the reticle was only available in the 2nd focal plane -ie the TDS subtensions will only work at one magnification and -as with all 2nd focal plane scopes- zero can wander as you change power setting(unlike almost all their other European scopes that have the reticle in the 1st focal plane!). I got a good deal on a 4-16 S&B PM2 (side focus, sniper turrets, 1st focal plane)and went with that instead.

Hope that helps!
All clear, thank you very much!

If it's not too late you need to take a REAL careful look through that scope at higher than 16 power.

Both mine and a friends were extremely unclear over 16 power, so much so that I sold mine and he stays at 16x or lower.

I am a lifelong Swarovski fan having 6 of them but the 6-24 is IMHO very poor opticaly over 16 power which makes it a rather pointless scope.
Thanks again, not too late at all.

I was drooling through a Zeiss Diavari Mildot 6-24 illum today... bad stuff really... wallet-wise too. Compared to a similar Swaro, it was just sooo clear.

I would go over the US Optics website and have them build you a scope made to your specs - I used all of the top-name Euro glass (S&B, Zeiss, Swarovski, and Leitz/Leica) before trying USO. I now use USO exclusively (except for one NF scope that I am going to sell to help fund another SN-9) and have yet to regret it. Optical clarity, color, and contrast is equal or better than some of the Euro scopes above (to my eyes anyway), scopes are built like a tank, made to your specs, and built in the USA. They are working on lower cost hunting scopes now as well.

JW3 is doing a great job running the company, improving customer service, etc. They will get all of my future optics business as their products are really that good.

Nightforce has it all
Or USO if you can afford em

European labor cost is highest in world - thats why they cost so much.
It really depends on what you buy.

If you stick with 30mm tubes and 44mm objective and their 17x variable, then the weights are similar. If you go with higher powers and larger objectives, then the weights will rise.

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