Swarovski SLC 8x42 Binoculars

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Swarovski SLC 8x42, newest generation serial dates to 2014 manufacture. Sent them to Swarovski after this season and they went through them and man they look good. Almost decided to keep them but I want to try some ranging leicas I think.

comes with box and case and front cup covers as pictured, they are in really good shape and again are just back from a makeover/clean up at swaro

1100$ shipped
PayPal, Venmo, cash, check whatever. If there are fees for your payment it’s on you, binos sent ASAP after money clears my bank

will be shipping FedEx or UPS. Will ship USPS if you demand it but expect to get them in 3-5 weeks
2FF64550-566C-4D43-BB4D-8AADA9922296.jpeg 9E162F14-1EC8-4856-B0C6-989F5A600F53.jpeg 780DBBAC-0501-4E96-A6D2-C688D2718A79.jpeg AFEB443E-96A5-4943-95F5-9438CB53885F.jpeg CED2AF0B-A282-49DB-B210-471FC82E487B.jpeg 0CA9355D-A170-4C16-A5A4-E7ADBED5386C.jpeg 7282FFF6-4E74-4A8F-989D-B436B47423DB.jpeg
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