Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 with forehead rest, outdoorsmans stud, and Marsupial harness


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Jul 23, 2013
These were purchased as soon as they came out for an elk hunting trip. They were great for Montana with the extra magnification and served their purpose well...the glass, weight, and FOV are amazing. But, I've decided I don't need this much glass for everyday hunting in Texas (and I want to finish a rifle build). I'd like to sell them as the complete setup with the stud, forehead adapter, and Marsupial fully enclosed case (its the grayish color). Everything was bought new at the same time. The Marsupial case is the fully enclosed one, and they have always been carried in the case with the objective caps too. They look new still. However, I ordered the small case which fits them perfectly...unless you have the forehead adapter on. They do not fit correctly or well with the adapter on. You're getting all the accessories for free essentially though, so you could either not use the rest or buy a bigger harness for that situation.

I'd take $2950 shipped to the lower 48 and another $50 if you want them insured.
That's for everything

I prefer Paypal F&F (gift) for speed, but I'll take normal paypal (if you pay fee) or USPS money order as well

I'll try to get some pics up tonight. Everything is perfect though. I have all the box and paperwork stuff too.

My email is [email protected]. You can email me or PM me with question


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