Swarovski AV or Leupold VXIII?


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Aug 26, 2002
Looking at 4-12x50 & 4.5-14x50. For those with experience with both, is the swarovski worth the extra $?
The 4.5x14 50mm is excellent, a step up from the 4-12. I really would not go with the Swarovski, The Leupold would work just fine for you.
I actually ended up selling my Leupolds and got a Swarovski PVS. The optics on the Swarovski are clearly superior, but it's probably not twice as good as the Leupolds even though they're about twice as much. I'm actually now thinking about getting a Zeiss Conquest... those would probably be more competitve price wise to the Leupolds.
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