SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski AT 80 Spotting Scope


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Mar 2, 2008
Swaro 20-60x80mm HD spotter. I like these so much that I have 2 of them - getting divorced so time for 1 to go! I went on an elk hunt about 5 years ago and I had just purchased the newest greatest HD spotter Swaro had out at the time for $3000. My buddy had one of these old grey HD ones and we compared them side to side for a week in many different conditions. I liked his better by a tall margin so sold my green HD and bought 2 of these. I've told that story several times and a lot of guys say the same thing - the glass in these are really tough to beat. This one is in perfect condition. No scratches or signs of use. I sent it back to Swaro just because I could a few years back and they cleaned it, tested it and sent it back perfect. Haven't used it since. Has lens covers on both ends. $1250 shipped.



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