SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski 65mm HD Spotter

Is the 80mm Swarovski brighter than the 65mm in low light conditions according to your eyes?

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  • Never had the chance to compare the two side by side

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Feb 13, 2009
I have a Swarovski 65 HD 20-60 X spotter for sale.

Everything is in excellent condition. No scratches, no where in tear.

I still have the boxes and manuals.

I am in the Salt Lake Valley and I would like to get this sold today. I head out of town tomorrow afternoon.

Giving it away at $1875

Perfect condition. If it’s not what I say it is then I will reimburse the shipping costs and pay for shipping back to me. 100% no risk

Call or text 801-762-7931

I am going in to Apple right now to get the screen replaced so text or call and leave me a message and I will get back with you in a couple hours. I am listing it elsewhere because I need this gone and I don’t want to deal with it during the hunts.

If you want it publicly say “I’ll take it”



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