SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski 55% certificate, DS Rifle Scope, 95 mm Spotting Scope, more


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Dec 26, 2012
Las Vegas Nevada
In the past, it seems there was much confusion and aggression, so, I tried to be as specific as I could to explain, and have shown some examples to help, due to that I was hesitating to even post this, but here goes
The only place I’m aware of that these are made available is at specific shooting matches.

***Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, if you came to be hurtful or inflammatory, please move on. I, and the forum appreciate your understanding.

My latest communication with Swarovski;

“Unfortunately the NEW NL Pure Binos and 115mm are not available for purchase with the match certificate. We already have hundreds of back orders and will be working to fill those for the remainder of 2020.”

As is the case with any of the “%” off based certificates, the more an item cost the greater the savings.

This is redeemed directly through Swarovski, there is a Swarovski contact person listed on the certificate, this person will get the price list to you, once you email them with the redemption code.
This must be redeemed “Directly from Swarovski”, from the price list which is where the 55% reduction would be taken from.
The then provided price list form is completed and returned to the contact person at Swarovski and the order is processed directly through Swarovski.

***For examples sake, here are some of the more popular itmes;

***The ever popular 15x56’s are priced at $2554, subtract the 55% and that brings you to the price of $1149, plus the cost of the cert.

***The 30-70X95 spotter prices are $2632 for the eyepiece and $2288 for the objective, totaling $4920, subtract the 55% and you are now at $2215, and again, add the cost of the cert.

***The DS 5-25X52 -4A-I Digital Riflescope is priced at $5110.00, Item number 71000, minus the 55% brings the total down to $2299, plus the cost of the cert.

My cert expires at the end of the year, so the order must be placed prior to then.

Hope some of the examples above help better with the associated savings.
Asking $1100 delivered electronically upon completed payment.
Paypal Gift preferred, all paper forms of payment must clear prior to electronic transfer.
Happy holidays all


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