Swaro X5 and NF ATACR


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Feb 28, 2007
South Dakota
I literally have scopes coming out my ears.....except most haven’t even shown up. (Delays from Covid) I’m guessing. But I have multiple builds showing up and need optics ASAP. I’ve asked about this vs that. Made purchases already based off options.
Sooooo again, like always.

I need one last scope. FFP vs SFP, weight, etc aside. Just GLASS and yes it’s subjective. But, is there a significant diff between the ATACR and the Swaro X5? I own several ATACR’s but nothing to really compare it too. I have a Kahles 525i on the way. I don’t even know how that will compare to the ATACR.

ATACR/ Kahles 525i/ Swarovski X5. I need another on the way and glass is my main concern. And yes I know they are all great.


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