Swaro ATS vs Kowa 773

Elk Crazy

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Feb 23, 2023
Which is better kowa 773 vs Swaro ats 80? Has anyone had the chance to look through both of these spotters? I looked through the Swaro at scheels but haven’t had the chance to look through a kowa
I've owned them both in the straight version. Optically the Kowa is better. The rubberized coating on the swaro is nice though. The dual focus on the Kowa makes it easier to adjust out mirage as good as possible. I decided to go with the Kowa and put a neoprene cover on it.
I have the ats 80 and I don’t think I would buy one without the rubberized coating. Glass is exceptional in both. I don’t imagine you would be disappointed with either.
I guess the Kowa 883 would be more of a comparison to the ats 80 if you look at the price of all 3
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