Swap a hunt of a lifetime

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    Jul 19, 2010
    [​IMG] Swap of a lifetime!!
    I am looking for anyone who wants to trade a elk,muledeer,whitetail,brown bear or any other USA or Canadian, African Lion, Elephant, NewZealand redstage hunt. For a Potantial BC/PY rabbit,groundhog or squirrel. We have a 15acre peice partly woodland and openfield connecting to 2 other 17=acre fields we cannot hunt on, oh and sombodys back yard pool area. The rabbits have average 3-4''ear size unless you shoot one in the head. We have some squirrels the size of large domestic house cats and a groundhog thats been seen and shot at many times named floormat. When he runs across the field he looks like a floor matt. Who we also think is responsible for eating my neigbors pet cha-wawa.

    Deals like this don't come offten. I, I mean you can benifit from this once in a lifetime oppertunity. Don't miss out. If your tired of shooting them big easy to hit animals and you want a real challange to test your skills. This is your spot. Well hey there are only so many spots avaible as we maintain low pressure hunts lightbulband oppertunity to harvest Trophy small game..