Never had a suppressor. Having a custom built, but trying to keep it light weight. Having a Titanium break put on it. It's a carbon barrel 6.5 Prc. What would be the weight difference be. I'm sure there are many different ones. Just curious.
Mine is 14.6 ounces a few may be lighter, Most are heavier. You'd be safe and just averaging 1 pound extra.


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Just started running a DA Mask on my CZ455. Dead quiet with sub sonics. Not so much with even CCI Std Vel.
Silencer Central is having a buy one get one free right now. If you buy any of their Banish series suppressors, you get their rimfire 22 suppressor for free. I have the Banish 30 and love it! Check them out. Great people to work with. Make the process simple.
Just working on picking up a couple suppressors on the SilencerCo BOGO deal in December. Mostly intended for target shooting noise reduction at the range when shooting with others but will see use during the hunting season. Will put together a suppressed subsonic .300 BO together for shooting deer here in Indiana with close confines as I live in an urban area. Obviously not long range shooting as I will only go out to 50-75 yards but everything I learn shooting long range still applies.

Hybrid 46 will cover most everything. Octane 9 for .300 BO, 9mm pistol and 22LR
I would recommend having a 22lr dedicated suppressor as 22lr is far dirtier than you will want in your centerfire suppressors. I have the SilencerCo sparrrow that is easily disassembled for regular cleaning. A Saker 5.56 and Harvester 300 cover centerfire duties.
Any standard velocity ammo should be subsonic. I like and use CCI standard vel and Norma Tac22 in my Tikka T1X with the same suppressor you have.
some ammo labeled subsonic are needlessly underpowered and may not cycle a factory 10-22 reliably.
True! Subsonic ammunition may be best in bolt guns. I frequent get FtFs in my 10/22 and 22/45 with several brands of sub-sonic .22lr. There's barely enough recoil to run the bolt.