Suppressor choice: most bang for your buck :)

Aoudad shooter1975

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Sep 4, 2017
Ovalo, Texas

This a good can you can shoot dang near anything out of...not too heavy. I shoot it a lot and it sounds pretty good.

I just bought this can for similar purposes--and I can make it shorter. I started in November so we will see when my stamp comes through.

I'm not looking for maximum sound suppression--as I'm hunting.

I also shoot a AAC 7.62, and a SD-N6 that I have had for sometime--when I started to shoot a 338 more that is when I went to the larger can
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Dec 28, 2020
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Looking into suppressors that wont break the bank. Needs to be threaded 5/8x24"
You need to supply your requirements. You gave nothing. I don’t know how anyone here can recommend something without knowing the basics.

Is it a bolt rifle or semi?
One rifle to be used or do you plan on moving it to multiple rifles.
What are all the calibers that might use the can if multiple rifles will use it..

Beyond the basics.
What is most important to you in order of importance.?
Sound suppression maximization.
Reduction of blowback if semi will use it. Blowback is no fun.
Size, Weight and rifle balance.
POI shift and repeatable accuracy and performance.
Quick connect or direct connect.

These are basics that any suppressor shop would ask you when they offer their assistance.

Know that if multiple rifles and calibers will use the can. Modular cans like the omega will handle many scenarios but they are a jack of all trades , master of none. That’s one of the trade offs if you go down that route of a modular can.
Lastly, what’s your budget? If you are using 1 can on several rifles, each of those adapters are $100. Just info to be aware of so you go in with full knowledge before the long wait for the stamp.
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Feb 23, 2021
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New here. Just joined up a few days back. First chance I've had to follow a thread or 2. Just wanted to say hello. Thanks for letting me in. So far, even the little bit I've read, very informative and helpful. I really think I'm going to get a lot out of this. Maybe, hopefully, I'll be able to give some input and help back sometime. Just a dumb ole Okie here. Thanks again


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Dec 9, 2014
Rugged Razor.

Tough as nails QD suppressor that costs right at $600. I have used it on my 12.5” 5.56, 20” 5.56, 6.5CM bolt gun, and just recently my 300 Wby. One of the few cans in this price point that is rated up to 300 RUM. It is a little heavy at 15oz, but for the durability of the can I can live with it. Groups have remained the same, or shrank since using this can. Sounds great and tames the recoil of my lightweight 300 wby very well.