Suppressed AR.243WSSM


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Sep 22, 2009
South Dakota
OK, so I have had some pics of my baby for a year now I finally got the first coat of Cerakote on last week. 2-3 more layers to complete the camo pattern are in the works. (the can is not done because it belongs to my cousin, YHM said I will still be waiting till Nov/Dec for my Phantom to show up...ordered it March 23 '09)


Got some new furniture with a few plans still in the future including the new honeycomb anti-reflection device that will be tan as well.

First Layer of "Desert Sand" Cerakote, a 2nd coat of "Coyote Tan" Cerakote to follow as well as some "Magpul - Flat Dark Earth" Duracoat and we will see how she looks from there.




Your rifle is simply bada$$

Do you have any shooting results. Looks will only get you so far. Will it punch tiny little groups?
thanks man, i just think its A-OK. my cousin has a couple bad *** weapons (SR-25, Armalite SuperSASS, Armalite MiniSASS, RRA 9mm SBR with YHM Wrath) but i like mine since it was my first AR and I basically built it all myself with the exception of having AccuracySystems build the upper for me.

I dont shoot paper very often but i bang the gong now and again. Mostly I just shoot for blood. Cousin and i just built a 1km range at his ranch but i am only golden out to about 800. Past that i cant tell where i hit if i miss and therefor cant make proper adjustments, a huge waste of ammo.

The only two pics of targets i have to show are...
Last fall half way through break in, .867" at 200m but it was only a 3shot group.

and recently i started test loading RL17 with 105gr scenars starting at 40.8 up to 42.8
not a terrible group but i just wanted to make sure i wasnt getting keyholes.

YouTube - Test loads in the Suppressed AR.243WSSM aim was dead center each time. (was previously zeroed for 250m with the 75gr's to explain the height) but yeah, it was neet to see each one get closer and closer to vertical. aim was dead center each time. (was previously zeroed for 250m with the 75gr's to explain the height) but yeah, it was neet to see each one get closer and closer to vertical.

neet to see it get closer to verticial? I would see horizontal stringing as a problem. With increasing powder loads, I would look for changes in velocity and subsequent vertical stringing. Maybe I'm wrong.
ohhh now that is a good question. It is actually a Coyote Brown Ergo Suregrip Deluxe Tactical Grip with Palm Shelf. VERY hard to come by. I believe they discontinued the color to go with Combat Beige which is formally Dark Earth.

This is a message I received from an Ergo employee at a different forum.

I think we are getting rid of the coyote which was darker than the combat beige but not by much.
Our combat beige is on the light side of the desert colors. Is their something specific you want in coyote? I can look around and try to find it.
It is almost impossible to match shades between manufactures. You may even see slight variations between lots within one company.

I asked if they had any of the Tactical Delux Suregrips and he checked...sure enough, one left laying in the back. He put a Dark Earth palm shelf on it and sold it for a VERY reasonable price. (i later cerakoted the palm shelf)
Cant beat Ergo for customer service. TOP NOTCH.

Here is the pic he sent me from the shop showing the Coyote Brown Grip on the left, and the Dark Earth Grip on the right.
The palm shelf on the left is Dark Earth, and the palp shelf on the right is black.
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