Super hogster vs Burris bts50


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Oct 14, 2015
I have been looking at thermal scopes for years but could never justify the price.
I was wondering the difference and thoughts of people that have used either the super hogster or the Burris bts50.
I like some of the features of the bts50 like
The battery placement and type
The hot track
The price is cheaper than the super hogster
I don’t like that it appears to be a rebranded optic
I also wish it had a QD mount
I don’t need to record so that is ok
I will mainly use it for raccoons and coyotes in southwest Nebraska but I might go to Texas to hog hunt
Any advice would be appreciated


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Feb 19, 2020
I have a hogster r25 which has not given me any issues. Wish it had a slightly higher magnification. Bering Optics seems to make quality thermals. I have not seen any bad reviews. I have seen bad reviews for Burris. I would pick the hogster over the Burris. Another one to consider is the agm ts-35. I don't have any experience with them but they have been getting good reviews. I have been considering using my hogster as a hand held for scanning and getting the ts-35 for the thermal riflescope. I have also been considering the tc-35 which is a clip on for a couple hundred more than the ts-35. Another to consider would be the pulsar thermion xm30. The only issue that I have with pulsar is their proprietary battery system. The hogster and the agm use 2 cr123's. Not sure about the agm but the hogster can handle rechargeable batteries.